Pinnacles Tour, From Perth Western Australia


Tour the Pinnacles in Western Australia’s historical Nambung National Park. Where red dirt desert and bushland meet white sandy beaches, this WA coastal landscape is a picturesque look at the Australian outback. Walkthrough the natural limestone formations of the Pinnacles and learn how this iconic landscape came to be one of WA’s most popular coastal tourist destinations. If walking isn’t your thing, we are more than happy to drive you through the Pinnacles.
Best Pinnicales day tour from Perth Western Australia.

Start your Pinnacles day tour with a guided tour of Kings Park, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner-city parks. Take in the stunning views overlooking Perth City and the Swan River. Get lost in the rich native Australian flora as you explore the bushland that makes this park a tour highlight.

The lunch travel stop on the Pinnacles Day tour is at the Lobster Shack at the Western Australian coastal town of Cervantes. Enjoy a quirky and casual lunch and guided tour at a local favourite. The Lobster Shack is a landmark lobster business with a family history dating back to the 1960’s and has been providing fresh lobster (locally known as Crayfish) to locals and tourists for over 50 years!

Affordable Pinnacles Tour Price $225 pp